The potential for renewable energy in the UK

But it doesn’t have to be this way - there are many more benign alternatives.

There are many alternatives to fossil fuels. Fuel crops, green waste, solar power, wind, small hydro, wave and tidal power all have a part to play in a future with much lower carbon dioxide emissions from human activity.

The total amount of renewable energy reaching the earth far exceeds society’s energy demand. However, renewable energy is not always easy to harness or easy to store.

Working with renewable energy highlights how wasteful we are of energy generally, and it makes economic and ecological sense to reduce the waste first.

There is a logical hierarchy to follow: energy conservation is the first step (eg turning off unused lights), followed by energy efficiency (eg using low-energy light bulbs).

Only when these are in place does it make sense to consider harnessing energy from renewable sources.

 Wind Simplicity
Wind Simplicity's Windancer 7 turbine